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> I have to wonder at times if such accusations are true. 
> Sex scandals usually work. All they have to do is create 
> doubt and for a *saint* that could be the end of his/her 
> reputation. Those kinds of accusations are a shame if 
> they are true and a shame if even if they aren't beacuse 
> they are hard to disprove.

In this case, the accusations came from *dozens* of
Sai Baba students who were parents who walked in and
found him fondling their kids. As for "ruining his
reputation," you forget two things:

* First, the near-incredible ability of True Believers
to ignore anything that contradicts their unrealistic
view of a guru. YouTube is *full* of videos that 
clearly show Satya Sai Baba "palming" the things he
was supposed to be "manifesting" from thin air. But
they see these videos and still love the guy and claim
that the videos were faked. (They weren't. The asshole
was so sure that his students were duped that he didn't
even bother to *try* to hide his cheap parlor magic.)

* Second, several of these concerned parents tried to
bring charges of child molestation against him, but in
India none of them were ever allowed to reach a court-
room, and in many cases never even the newspapers. Why?
Because many of the highest members of the Indian guvmint
were (and still are) Sai Baba devotees. They stepped in
and prevented any of these cases from ever being tried.

All of this is in the public record, from the few Indian
newspapers brave enough to print it. The guy was a total

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> > Hot off the press, just finished and polished is this new 
> > youtube with many beautiful Sri Sai Baba photos edited 
> > in painterly style.
> > 
> > http://sathyasaimemories.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/another-realm-you-tube-more-sathya-sai-memories/
> Where are the "painterly" photos of him fondling
> the penises of small children?

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