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> > Anyone puzzled about how this wonder may actually work should
> > check out Tony Nader's book of "discoveries" where there is a
> > diagram of the brain and how the planets join up to different
> > parts of it, presumably the parts that they govern. Planets
> > beyond Saturn aren't included, for some reason the vedic seers
> > chose not to cognize them.
> I doubt if little Tony Nader knew why the ancients only considered the 7 
> 'planets'; 5 planets and two luminaries (Sun and Moon). Manly Hall has 
> addressed this issue in the below lecture if you feel up to it, (may want to 
> start at 4:20) prepare yourself to attempt to understand a very complex 
> subject.....enjoy.

I'll try but I think Nader's problem is that they aren't visible
to the naked eye and can't just put them in without polluting
the vedic language with new ideas.

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BJB0eZNAzY
> He did a whole series on the "septenaries".

I watched a bit of it, the first few mins were quite interesting actually. But 
I disagree that our ancient ancestors knew more
than we do. They may have *believed* differently about everything
but beliefs aren't knowledge. You never know what they might
have seen and interpreted differently to how we would, all the
"wheels within wheels" stuff in the bible sounds like a description
of the gates of Babylon.

Interesting idea about why there are 7 days weeks though, it's
all to do with the moon of course and it all comes from Babylon.
We still use so much from that civilisation even though it 
disappeared in old testament times, but we've kept the stories
alive. Funny how some beliefs stick and get passed on...

> Or kept quite about it if they did.
> > You'd think an alleged scientist like Nader might try and fit
> > them in somehow, not enough ungoverned brain regions I guess.
> > Or maybe he'd have to have invent some more sanskrit names for
> > them. But to not even notice!
> > 
> > I wrote to him about this and a few other things, one of which
> > was how on Earth all this fitted in with evolution, but he never
> > wrote back. Presumably the invite to get in touch with comments
> > didn't extend to constructive criticism. The only comments they
> > published on the Marshy channel were of the "Wow, this knowledge
> > is the best thing ever!" variety.
> > 
> > That's the trouble with thinking you have Total Knowledge, there's
> > no room for improvement.
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