Actually, yes, I've always found Robin completely
believable. Never have seen anything in his posts
that made me suspect he might be dishonest. And as
some here will recognize, my antennae for dishonesty
are very sensitive.

(One of the things that made Barry so nervous about
Robin was that Barry had such difficulty discerning
when Robin was being ironic.)

Robin's posts are not my only sources of information
about what happened when he was in Fairfield, BTW.

As far as defending oneself is concerned, I explained
my stance on the ethics of badmouthing a person behind
their back to Share. That isn't something Barry is
capable of understanding, I'm afraid. But then neither
is Share.

Why Barry would think any of the "facts" he mentions
(not all of them are, in fact, facts) should have
anything to do with what I said to Susan about Robin
will have to remain a mystery. They look more like a
random collection of badly aimed potshots than
relevant comments.

--- In, turquoiseb <no_reply@...> wrote:
> Not to *mention* the fact that Judy has *never* been
> involved with the TM organization, wouldn't know what
> happened or didn't happen in Fairfield on a bet, has
> never met *either* Maharishi or Robin, and her opinion 
> of Robin is based almost *entirely* on what *he* has 
> posted here. Funny how she has a tendency to find 
> those who rag on and obsess on the same people she 
> does believable, eh? That must be her standard for
> trustworthiness.  :-)
> Plus, there is another thing she seems to take for
> granted that others here do not. She assumes that Robin
> would either want to or need to "defend himself" against
> people stating views of him contrary to his own. He
> might (another reason she's his groupie, because that
> makes him just like her), but many people Just Don't
> Give A Shit. 
> WHO could possibly care, after all, what pissants like
> Judy and her minions think of them? They're pissants,
> and the opinions of pissants Simply Don't Matter. 
> --- In, Share Long <sharelong60@> wrote:
> >
> > Share to Judy about her criticism of Susan: Judy I don't think your 
> > criticism of Susan is valid because for all anyone knows, Robin is not 
> > around only in the sense that he currently is not posting. However, for all 
> > we know, he may be around in the sense that he reads FFL posts. In either 
> > case, it is his choice. Additionally your criticism is valid only if Robin 
> > is unwillingly not around to defend himself and if Susan knows about this. 
> > Is he incapacitated in some way? Has he been banned from FFL? And do you 
> > know for a fact that Susan knows either for a fact? In that case, your 
> > criticism would be valid. And worth respecting. 
> > 
> > Judy to Susan: now you're badmouthing him when he's not around to defend 
> > himself. That is not a behavior for which I have much respect.

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