and its not obsessing for for  you to post over and over about Benjy Creme and 
his bullshit predictions and the crop circles and all the "proof" that exists 
that they are made by aliens?

its obsessing if the POV disagrees with yours and functioning like Gabriel 
blowing his Horn if it agrees with your POV

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Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Repealing TM's  Anti-Saint Policies

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> Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Repealing TM's  Anti-Saint Policies
> Actually much more pathetic to have QUIT TM OVER 40 YEARS AGO, and yet, still 
> remain obsessed with who does it, and for how long, and how it is now being 
> marketed, and who Maharishi was, or wasn't, and your opinion on those in the 
> TM Org, and how the sidhis work, and what they do or do not do, etc, etc, 
> etc. 
> Fuck dude, you spend a lot more time on TM, than most of us do, who actually 
> practice it! 
> Its a really odd thing, this addiction of yours, to something you haven't 
> done for most of your life. You are unique in that way. Among  anyone I have 
> ever known, or met, or taught in class, or spoke with on a plane, or had a 
> conversation with at a party, or at work, or written to, I have NEVER MET 
> someone with an obsession like yours, who had nothing whatsoever to do with 
> the object of their obsession. I have never seen this behavior before. 
> As a result, I am really glad you live on a different continent, than I do. 
> :-)

This, the Turqs obsession with the TMO, has been pointed out again and again 
for years now. How can a person who left something, anything, more than 40 (!) 
years ago keep obsessing and still claim to be sane ? In my book it's simply 
not possible.


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