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> > Share,
> > If I were an odds maker, I'd put the odds at 90% that 
> > Robin reads every post on this site. Probably in 
> > Starbucks right now reading this.
> That's a non-bet. Just look how fast he "came
> back" last time when he noticed that Curtis was
> here.

Love it, love it, love it. Barry unerringly shoots
himself in both feet.

If you were Barry, wouldn't you want to check the
dates in question before you made such an assertion?

Curtis had been here for *three weeks* before Robin
came back, having made a total of 94 posts during
that period.

> He reads everything posted here just on the off
> chance someone will say something about *him*. 
> That's just what people suffering from Narcissist 
> Personality Disorder DO.

And wouldn't you want to check the post that brought
Robin back before you suggested it said something 
about Robin?

Robin's first post was in response to particularly
nasty comments of Barry's on a post of feste's, which
had nothing whatsoever to do with Robin. Nor did it
have anything to do with Curtis.

It was *Curtis* who decided to engage Robin now that
*Robin* was back. Curtis immediately leaped to defend
Barry. That's how that exchange started.

Notice, by the way, that Barry can't make up his mind
whether it was Curtis who lured Robin back, or a post
in which someone mentioned Robin.

Between the time Robin left at the end of December and
when he came back to lambaste Barry, there had been
probably around 150 posts mentioning Robin--including
two from Curtis badmouthing him, the first one the day
after Curtis returned, the second a week later. Yet
it was another two weeks before Robin showed up to
take Barry apart for his post to feste.

Barry isn't *lying*. It's just that he's so used to
living in his imagination that he genuinely thinks 
it's reality.

Plus which, from the very beginning of Robin's tenure
on FFL, Barry has been eaten alive by jealousy because
Robin has gotten so much more attention than Barry has.

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