Thank god for reading glasses!  
Thought the subject title was "Boner from Space."
It kind of fits too, if you really think about it.
A guy can claim to know all the hidden mysteries and 
capture a woman's curiosity, thereby planting a 
seed when he uses big words like extraterrestrial. It
is a long word. 
He grabs the arm of the woman and says, "Oh look! What do I see honey?!!"
Boners from Space is not far fetched. 

--- In, Michael Jackson <mjackson74@...> wrote:
> "The idea of benign or hostile space aliens from other planets visiting 
> the earth [is clearly] an emotional idea. There are two sorts of 
> self-deception here: either accepting the idea of extraterrestrial 
> visitation by space aliens in the face of very meager evidence because 
> we want it to be true; or rejecting such an idea out of hand, in the 
> absence of sufficient evidence, because we don't want it to be true. 
> Each of these extremes is a serious impediment to the study of UFOs."
>                                - Carl Sagan

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