That should be clear enough dear Share - I'm accusing Xeno of hiding under his 
garb of self-effacing, self-abnegating philosophy. Because he has had no 
experience he has to hide under the Neo-advaitic garbage which is revealed by 
his malicious agenda.

How can I ever accuse anyone of not having emotions - calling him a robot so he 
can look at his bullshit philosophy and hypocrisy.

On Jun 19, 2013, at 12:48 PM, Share Long <> wrote:

> dear Ravi, how can a person have the characteristic of lacking emotions and 
> at the same time be jealous, malicious and feel threatened?!
> From: Ravi Chivukula <>
> To: "" <> 
> Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 2:26 PM
> Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: someone who understands M.E.
> Xeno - you bet your sorry, pathetic, robotic ass I think you are an 
> unoriginal, unremarkable, unperceptive, boring robot. You can't even be sure 
> you are a robot, as you remarked to Richard/Paligap. 
> Judy's right - you are threatened by Robin, you are jealous of Robin - the 
> fact that you keep dropping suggestions that he may be sociopathic or 
> psychotic points to your malice.
> You were bested by Robin every time you had a discussion where he 
> methodically ripped apart your pseudo-Eastern, Buddhist, neo-advaita, 
> Adyashantic, self-effacing, self-abnegating philosophy and your hilarious, 
> stupid spiritual experiences that have rendered you so unperceptive, 
> inauthentic and boring. Robin's discussions here with various posters have no 
> bearing to what happened 25 years, the fact that you think interactions on 
> FFL compare to what happened in his cult is just pure dishonesty and malice.
> These characteristics of yours - lack of emotions, lack of remorse makes you, 
> as I said before the most likeliest person to be sociopathic. But I'm neither 
> dishonest nor malicious to ever suggest that.
> What a clueless idiot you are - OMFG !!!
> On Jun 19, 2013, at 11:46 AM, "Xenophaneros Anartaxius" 
> <> wrote:
>> --- In, "authfriend" <authfriend@...> wrote:
>> > --- In, "Xenophaneros Anartaxius" 
>> > <anartaxius@> wrote:
>> >> --- In, "authfriend" <authfriend@> wrote:
>> >>> --- In, "Xenophaneros Anartaxius" 
>> >>> <anartaxius@> wrote:
>> >>>> --- In, "authfriend" <authfriend@> wrote:
>> >>>>> There's no basis for you to have such suspicions. As I
>> >>>>> said, they're born of personal hostility.
>> >>>> 
>> >>>> Robin's past history is no basis for having a suspicion?
>> >>> 
>> >>> Let's restore what I was responding to from you so
>> >>> we know what the context was:
>> >>> 
>> >>> "Now, some think he is better, and others think his
>> >>> recriminations concerning his past are a ruse. Based
>> >>> on his last appearance here, I still have suspicions.
>> >>> What else could I say if I think this?"
>> >>> 
>> >>> Now, did you have a comment you wanted to make on my
>> >>> response that sticks with the actual context?
>> >> 
>> >> I have no personal animosity toward Robin. Your surmise in this
>> >> instance is incorrect.
>> > 
>> > And this assertion of yours in no way removes my suspicions
>> > about your motives, which I cannot know directly but only
>> > infer from the way you write. What else could I say if I
>> > think this?
>> > 
>> >> I wish him well in his quest to become a better human being
>> >> than he apparently was. This in no way removes my suspicions
>> >> about his motives. Your attempt to inject malice into this
>> >> discussion (post #347412) is an attempt to characterise the 
>> >> discussion on the basis of an emotional characteristic which
>> >> I assure you I do not posses in this post or the previous
>> >> ones in this thread.
>> > 
>> > I don't believe you, sorry. I think you possess *exactly*
>> > those emotional characteristics.
>> > 
>> > (snip)
>> >> 10.He is very intelligent. My question is will 
>> >> he use that intelligence well in relation 
>> >> to others, for he did have adverse reactions 
>> >> from some on FFL who had online discussions 
>> >> with him.
>> > 
>> > Your "adverse reactions" to his discussions with you
>> > among them. I would find your claim not to possess a
>> > malicious intent toward Robin more credible if you
>> > didn't keep making unpleasant comments about him
>> > long after your discussions with him were over, even
>> > when he's no longer around.
>> > 
>> > I don't think you could make a solid case for his
>> > "recriminations" (wrong word, BTW) being a "ruse" if
>> > your life depended on it. I think your "suspicions"
>> > are inspired by the fact that he was not impressed by
>> > your "philosophy" or your claims about your
>> > experience of consciousness.
>> >
>> Some news snippets concerning emotion in men and women:
>> 'The real difference in emotion between the sexes might lie in emotional 
>> intelligence rather than feelings of anger, sadness or depression. 
>> Scientists consistently find that women possess higher levels of emotional 
>> intelligence than men, characterized by a sense of empathy and understanding 
>> of others' emotions.'
>> 'Instead of experiencing the emotions of others, the men in these studies 
>> simply recognized these emotions, and then started searching for solutions. 
>> The rational parts of their brains trumped emotion, with men switching into 
>> problem-solving mode as the women empathized.'
>> Ravi, for example, thinks I am pretty much of a robot, if I interpret what 
>> he says correctly. Your writing is filled with emotional words, which to me 
>> simply seem like projection, for I see the situations we 'discuss' usually 
>> as not a matter of emotion or of feelings, except perhaps classical music. 
>> It is just the relationship of certain data, how it fits or does not fit 
>> together. Empathy has no part in it. I am told I am loving but not 
>> empathetic nor sympathetic. This is in fact, a sociopathic trait, at least 
>> as viewed by outside behaviour. This is one idea that led me to hypothesise 
>> that Robin might have these traits as well. 
>> This might seem like a contradiction to a woman, to experience love but not 
>> empathy or sympathy - it seems to me women's emotional states penetrate much 
>> further into every aspect of their experience than men's. I think this is 
>> why Barry is able to yank your chain, as an illustration. While he proposes 
>> various scenarios that seem to have emotional value in them, for him there 
>> is probably little or no emotional value, and it is not a serious matter 
>> with him. But perhaps you take those prompts more seriously because of the 
>> way you are wired up and see them as more significant; you do not respond as 
>> if it were a joke.
>> Your writing appears to me to have an excess of drama in the way you express 
>> yourself when you are using emotional words. This is not always the case, 
>> but with things that seem to be important to you, it does seem to be the 
>> case, to me at any rate.
>> Regarding my 'philosophy', I am sure Robin did not appreciate it, nor I his. 
>> As for my consciousness, it has been pretty much the same since as long as I 
>> can remember (4 or 5 years old), so there is nothing remarkable there. There 
>> were some unusual experiences along the way, but I think those are mostly 
>> done with.
>> Note that the statements herein are hypotheses, not facts.
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