I'm not saying either is correct, just that I find it amusing that the TMO, 
being as obsessive compulsive as it is about all the stuff one has to do to 
stay healthy and safe (like not being outdoors during a solar eclipse and men 
not looking at or touching their woman for the first half of the first day of 
their periods) that they would applaud Dr. Ozzy who gives out anti-ayurvedic 

As the cook Vince said to me when I told him at MIU I was making a friends 
birthday cake with honey instead of sugar (the friend was adamantly opposed to 
refined sugar, boy was he out of place at MIU) anyway, Vince told me how 
un-ayurvedic it was to sweeten baked goods with honey and I said "Man, people 
have been cooking with honey for thousands of years."

To which Vince replied "People have been unenlightened for thousands of years 

Evidently he equated the practice of not following ayurvedic precepts in the 
baking of cakes with ignorance in world consciousness.

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Michael is correct...or at least I was always warned the same thing. My God!  
Ice cream will increase Pitta (and this may be so) so we were told to eat 
whipped cream instead if we craved such a Kalpha delight.   Ice was bad..and so 
was cold water. 
Carry a thermos full of hot water with you at all times. Sip through out the 
day. Not dissing the practice, but it is ODD that OZ said drink cold 
water..."Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore!"
Step from behind the curtain the great and powerful OZ1

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Michael Jackson <mjackson74@...> wrote:
> and I am telling you that the TM ayurvedic admonition against ice cold or 
> even cold drinks and food is across the board, had nothing to do with food or 
> without food.
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> In general, yes.  But when you get deeper into ayurveda there are 
> exceptions.  Remember most western ayurvedic practitioners are noobs and 
> the experienced Indian ones if they come to the US find that things work 
> a little differently for westerners.  The US is a country of pitta types 
> in general. And Oz was using the ice cold water in a different context 
> anyway not with a meal.
> On 06/21/2013 04:32 PM, Michael Jackson wrote:
> > In all the time I have messed around with ayurveda, especially the 
> > Movement's brand of ayurveda, that was one of the most often repeated 
> > admonitions, DO NOT drink ice cold water or beverages of any kind - they 
> > really hammered on it.
> >
> >
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> > 
> >
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> > 
> > On 06/21/2013 12:19 PM, Michael Jackson wrote:
> >> Dr. Oz recommends drinking ice cold water in the morning to jack up one's 
> >> metabolism and assist one in losing weight. Wonder if Dr. Ozzy's Tm Raja 
> >> buddies will tell him how wrong he is and that ice cold water will 
> >> aggravate everyone's vata cuz it slows digestion? I bet they don't, cuz he 
> >> is one of their rock stars and therefore can't be corrected in any way.
> >>
> > Cold water might have an inadvertent effect on pitta types maybe
> > reducing acid stomach but not enough to impair digestion.  I don't think
> > this was taken into account by Charaka. ;-)
> >
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