oozgurunay, see how quickly I learn? Anyway, both my parents are lactose 
intolerant. I suspect I am at least a little. Fortunately I don't crave milk as 
my Mom does. It's easy for me to avoid it. As for HFCS, I noticed years ago its 
devastating effect and have avoided it as best as I can since then. Deadly 

Pitta blocking kapha? I'll have to percolate on that one. I've heard of vata 
throwing pitta out of wack but pitta blocking kapha sounds bassackwards. 

Replying to other posts:
Spring cleaning: it is alarming to me how much stuff I've accumulated over the 
years. Closets are packed to the rafters. I don't understand on other than a 
superficial level, how it happens.

Yes, I remember that Maharishi said something about only needing to think the 
name of a remedy to have it work. Very cool, but I probably won't try it on 
Western meds! Sanyama on Advil?!

I liked what you said about the placebo effect itself being a placebo effect.

Doing that pig Latin sort of gave me a headache!

Speaking of foreign languages, how are your Mandarin lessons going? (-:

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On 06/22/2013 12:45 PM, Share Long wrote:
> And my favorite Triguna story: a friend suddenly got very ill. She went to 
> see him. But I do everything right, she protested. I eat right, I go to bed 
> on time, I meditate, I don't drink cold drinks (ha ha), etc.  He said, maybe 
> you need to break the rules sometimes.
> >From experience I do think ice cream aggravates pitta. But first it kills 
> >the agni! Then the body as if overcompensates. Nonetheless I have been known 
> >to eat ice cream, even in the winter, gasp!

Maybe it's the sugar or HFCS?  I am slightly allergic to milk and sugar 
at the same time.  Hence I get a reaction from ice cream but not some 
much from frozen yogurt.

At an astrology workshop on the  East Coast I asked David Frawley why my 
anti-pitta tea was making me feel good in the middle of winter.  He said 
I probably had pitta blocking kapha.  With me if pitta goes too high it 
locks up my digestive track.

Bottom line is the rules tend to be tricky.  You have to swing with the 
punches so the more know about alternative medicine techniques the 
better off you are.  Just heard this morning on the news that GP's are 
going to be in short supply with Obamacare.  Thanks to the AMA keeping 
medical schools difficult for people to get into (especially folks 
interested in medicine who don't have the right pedigree).  We'll have 
to become our own doctors or create an American version of "barefoot 
doctors."  Maybe our Chinese landlords can help us with that.

> I like what John Doulliard said, thanks for passing along.

Michael thinks he's a huckster.  I only read his books and found his 
experience of being at the Pune school interesting.  My ayurvedic MD had 
me use the one meal a day diet that Doulliard taught to lose weight. 
Works good until someone invites you to a dinner party. :-D
> As for Dr. Oz, first thing in the morning means there hopefully wouldn't be 
> any food in tummy needing to be digested.
> I eat an avocado every day and find that it satisfies my craving for creamy 
> foods. And recently I've taken to mixing stevia with almond butter for a 
> treat. Yummy (-:

I have had times where I ate by rules and it became too difficult. I was 
happy to find a way of "eating reg'lar" without it killing me.

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> Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Dr. Oz Water
> LOL!  I read your post on my Android phone while sitting at the patio at
> Starbuck's sipping my iced Americano. :-P
> I'm probably confusing both of you because you probably only have
> tangential knowledge of ayurveda.  I've taken workshops with Dr. Robert
> Svoboda, Dr. Lad, Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Dinesh Sharma and a few
> others.  I've also taken a tour of India with ayurvedic practitioners
> and visited ayurvedic institutions there.
> Warm water may even aggravate pitta for a pitta type.  That's why I
> enjoy an iced Americano after my walk and no it ain't decaf either
> (still need to cut a little kapha).  The walk will heat me up and raise
> pitta so the cooling effect feels good.  A hot Americano not so good in
> the summer.
> Like Deepak Chopra once said you can live by the rules and be healthy
> but it won't be an enjoyable life.  Even John Doulliard taught what he
> called the 51% rule where if you follow the rules "most of the time"
> you'll do okay.
> There's a lot of nuance to ayurveda. Do you understand the sub-doshas?
> The ice water thing I knew about long before I used ayurveda.  It is
> also a part of alternative medicine.  But it is mainly there for people
> with weak digestion.  You do understand why the rule? Also studies were
> done in the late 1990s that found digestion wasn't impaired by cold
> water.  That was with westerners, who knows how it would have come out
> in India.
> On 06/22/2013 11:05 AM, obbajeeba wrote:
>> Michael is correct...or at least I was always warned the same thing. My God! 
>>  Ice cream will increase Pitta (and this may be so) so we were told to eat 
>> whipped cream instead if we craved such a Kalpha delight.   Ice was bad..and 
>> so was cold water.
>> Carry a thermos full of hot water with you at all times. Sip through out the 
>> day. Not dissing the practice, but it is ODD that OZ said drink cold 
>> water..."Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore!"
>> Step from behind the curtain the great and powerful OZ1
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWyCCJ6B2WE
>> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Michael Jackson <mjackson74@...> wrote:
>>> and I am telling you that the TM ayurvedic admonition against ice cold or 
>>> even cold drinks and food is across the board, had nothing to do with food 
>>> or without food.
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>>> Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Dr. Oz Water
>>> Â
>>> In general, yes.  But when you get deeper into ayurveda there are
>>> exceptions.  Remember most western ayurvedic practitioners are noobs and
>>> the experienced Indian ones if they come to the US find that things work
>>> a little differently for westerners.  The US is a country of pitta types
>>> in general. And Oz was using the ice cold water in a different context
>>> anyway not with a meal.
>>> On 06/21/2013 04:32 PM, Michael Jackson wrote:
>>>> In all the time I have messed around with ayurveda, especially the 
>>>> Movement's brand of ayurveda, that was one of the most often repeated 
>>>> admonitions, DO NOT drink ice cold water or beverages of any kind - they 
>>>> really hammered on it.
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>>>> Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Dr. Oz Water
>>>> On 06/21/2013 12:19 PM, Michael Jackson wrote:
>>>>> Dr. Oz recommends drinking ice cold water in the morning to jack up one's 
>>>>> metabolism and assist one in losing weight. Wonder if Dr. Ozzy's Tm Raja 
>>>>> buddies will tell him how wrong he is and that ice cold water will 
>>>>> aggravate everyone's vata cuz it slows digestion? I bet they don't, cuz 
>>>>> he is one of their rock stars and therefore can't be corrected in any way.
>>>> Cold water might have an inadvertent effect on pitta types maybe
>>>> reducing acid stomach but not enough to impair digestion.  I don't think
>>>> this was taken into account by Charaka. ;-)


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