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>> Last night was the season finale of "Mad Men".  I don't know
>> if many here watch it and I know particularly some of our TV
>> fans don't. That doesn't  surprise me because I'm sure more
>> than a few grew up with parents who were executives and
>> might have been like Don Draper or his peers.
> You think this is why some folks might not watch it? Really?
> Too funny.

Yup, it was an era of "broken families" and alcoholic parents which are 
well characterized in the show.  Note that our usual resident TV 
reviewer posted when it started he didn't like the show seemingly due to 
that era.  I didn't come from a "broken home" but sure had friends that 
did and wanted to escape that scene (some ran away). I'm sure that some 
of those might not enjoy revisiting that era.

You've seen the show?

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