Having ragged on "Mad Men" a bit, I should balance things
by commenting on the few TV seasons I've felt like keeping
up on lately. 

Of course I loved "Game Of Thrones." It's really a quality
series, on pretty much every level. 

I recently watched the UK series "The Fall," and enjoyed it.
As the Damaged Female Cop du Jour, Gillian Anderson just
rocks. She's been a steal-the-screen presence in both this
series and in "Hannibal." I don't find her performance in
"The Fall" as socks-knocking-off as Sofia Helin's in "Bron-
Broen" ("The Bridge"), but she's done a tremendous job in 
both series. And how she LOOKS? She is much more beautiful 
at age 45 than she was when she was younger. 

And yes, like Bhairitu I not only watched "Hannibal,"
I loved it. In the way you can "love" a series about
psychopathic serial killers, that is. Think Dexter. :-) 

Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lechter is just BEYOND. I 
would have said along with everyone else that any actor
willing to "take on" Anthony Hopkins as the personification
of this character was a fool, and on a Fool's Errand. I 
would have been wrong. 

I've just started watching the UK series "The White Queen,"
and found the first episode interesting enough that I will
watch all of it. 

I'm looking forward to "Borgen," season 3, and have down-
loaded it ready to watch, but I'm saving it until after 
I've gotten a chance to see the top two movies I've been
waiting for, and just *dying* to see. "Despicable Me 2"
and "Monsters University." 

I'm serious. Their predecessors were REALLY funny and
REALLY creative movies. Whether you're watching them 
with a four-year-old or not.  :-)

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