Yogic flying is all about getting off the ground while performing samyama. IT 
don't matter how.

Legend claims that eventually people are able to sit in the air, but whether or 
not someone floats or ever has or ever will is immaterial as far as the purpose 
of the TM-Sidhis is concerned. IT's all about samyama and the physiological 
effect on the nervous system from doing samyama with specific sutras.

I'd hold off on speculation on how levitation, floating stage, works until 
someone has shown levitation, floating stage. Otherwise, you're like John 
Hagelin, making public statements for the sake of his beloved guru.


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> Is London penetration depth the reason why YF needs muscle power?
> Wiki:
> Near the surface, within a distance called the London penetration depth, the 
> magnetic field is not completely cancelled. Each superconducting material has 
> its own characteristic penetration depth.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meissner_effect

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