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> > > On the witness stand:
> > >
> > > "Mr. Carlsen, did you state in an unequivocal manner that you
> > > never, and would never, strike someone in the course of
> > > conducting your "confrontations"
> >
> > "Why, no, that is not what I stated. You haven't been
> > paying attention, as usual."
> >
> > *plonk*

[Having been forced to ask for dismissal of his case because
of his own humiliating confusion concerning what Mr. Carlsen
had actually said, we see the prosecutor late that night 
wandering around in circles in the courthouse parking lot,
muttering to himself. As we get close enough to hear him, we
realize he is repeating, over and over, what he had expected
to be the judge's charge to the jury following a successful 
prosecution, now only a wistful fantasy:]

> "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, you have heard the evidence.  It is
> now time for you to make your decision.  The guidelines I have given you
> are simple in this case.  Did Mr. Carlsen lie when he repeatedly stated
> that he did not strike anyone, in the course of his confrontations.  You
> may request copies of his testimony where he attempts to put this
> striking in a certain context, but the issue we are dealing with here is
> the simple, Did Mr. Carlsen lie when he made his statements about
> striking.
> The bailiff will stationed outside the door, and when you reach your
> decision the jury spokesman should notify the bailiff and you can come
> back into the courtroom to have the verdict read.  Please be advise that
> defense council or prosecutor may wish to poll each juror as to why they
> reached the verdict.
> One note: Any "plonking" once the verdict is read will not be tolerated"


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> As has been pointed out, it's not about hitting, it's about
> lying.

Hmmm, Barry claims it *is* about hitting (see below),
as well as the alleged lying.

> Refresh your memory by going over the posts where Robin vehemently
> denied to Vaj that he ever struck anyone during his confrontations.

Right. You find me one of those, tootsie, and then we
can discuss it. Paraphrases aren't good enough.

> Then look at the open letter where the equivocation begins,
> just before he is about to be outed as indeed striking people
> in the course of  his confrontations.

Like the prosecutor, Steve, you are confused.

It's really not fair to hold you accountable for your
errors in this, I realize. You're obviously handicapped
by your lack of reading comprehension, which keeps you
from ever getting a handle on anything the least bit
complicated and allows you to be easily misled by those
with an intention to deceive.

I guess you didn't see the question I asked you below,
BTW. Just too many of those doggoned words to get
through, huh?

(Just out of curiosity, do you have lots of planets in
Gemini? That could explain a lot.)

> Did I mention that he almost broke someones jaw?
> As Ann has pointed out, let's not dispute the facts.  Let's move on, if
> you care to.
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> > > It was ALWAYS "about the hitting." It's only the
> > > die-hard cultists trying to protect their past or
> > > present investment in fantasies about Robin who are
> > > trying to make it appear to be something else.
> > >
> > > Robin physically struck his students, and can find
> > > ways to justify that. His "defenders" KNOW that he
> > > repeatedly physically struck his students,
> >
> > We "KNOW" this *because Robin admitted it*.
> >
> > > and continue to find ways to justify that.
> >
> > I don't recall anybody trying to justify it. Robin
> > himself has condemned it in no uncertain terms (as
> > Barry knows).
> >
> > Oh, wait, I *do* remember somebody here attempting
> > to justify it:
> >
> > "There is plenty of compassion here for weird shit we
> > all did in our past and this doesn't sound like such a
> > big deal. There were a whole bunch of weird psychological
> > 'breakthrough' cults that seem to be far worse than what
> > you were running back then. If you weren't banging your
> > disciples ten deep in Elvis' Graceland white panty
> > parties, you come off as better than most people in your
> > position of power over the entranced."
> >
> > This person also said:
> >
> > "What Ann may not be aware of about the dynamics of the
> > place is that the Robin hitting people issue wasn't
> > really about Robin hitting people."
> >
> > Hmm. Guess the person who wrote the above must be a
> > cultist too, huh?
> >
> > This post was made the morning after Robin posted his
> > Open Letter, not a year and a half later. Boy, those
> > cultish Robin-defenders got busy quick, didn't they?
> >
> > By this time, Barry will have figured out who wrote
> > the post. And that will be the end of his fulminating
> > about "justifying" and "cultists."
> >
> > Anybody else want to take a guess as to who it was?
> > Steve, how about you? Xeno?
> >
> > > THAT is why this
> > > topic continues to come up. THAT is the very stuff
> > > of the cult mindset.
> >
> > No, Barry keeps bringing it up because of his own
> > personal animus against his critics, especially
> > Robin and his defenders. Full stop.
> >
> > In this instance, he brought it up because he was
> > *infuriated* by his inability to bait Ann and me,
> > just as Ann said. When he made a bunch of patently
> > false claims about Robin's behavior on FFL, I
> > easily documented the lies and laughed at him. Then
> > he suggested Robin was a psychopath, and Ann and I
> > both laughed at him. Then he lost control completely,
> > hauled out the whole striking-students business
> > again, and crowned it with one *huge whopper* of an
> > exceptionally malicious lie.
> >
> > That lie was exposed and debunked as well. Now he's
> > busy trying to save a little face by telling a whole
> > bunch *more* lies, and failing miserably. But he
> > can't stop himself. It's a compulsion.

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