Oh yeah, it happened. I just don't remember who it was. I'm thinking Billy 
Clayton, who became a skin- boy later. Maybe that was the *pay back* for doing 
the master's bidding.That was the same course that John and Yoko came to kidnap 
Yoko's daughter from a previous marriage, that was there with her father.


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I would love to know.

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Was it Billy Clayton that got busted trying to smuggle course fees(Cash) out of 
Majorca to Switzerland in a suit case about '71 or '72?

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Lawson,  We don't know if that is the case in Italy today.  They'll have to 
interrogate this official to find out who ordered the operation, for what 
purpose, and for how long has this been going on.  This case could make Dan 
Brown's new novel a factual tale, which I have not read yet.  --- In 
mailto:FairfieldLife%40yahoogroups.com, "sparaig" <LEnglish5@...> wrote: > > 
The only incident I heard of was in Spain many decades ago at a time when, if a 
company or organization was NOT doing that, they were plain stupid. Some 
countries have had a triple digit inflation rate relatively recently. Not sure 
if Spain was one of them, but when I was there in 1980 or thereabouts, they had 
national police with submachine guns at ever major street corner in 
anticipation of riots due to the closing of the national banks. >  > L >  > --- 
In mailto:FairfieldLife%40yahoogroups.com, Michael Jackson <mjackson74@> wrote: 
> > > > He should have talked to Girish and marshy's
 other kin folk - I hear the Movement people did that crap all the time and got 
away with it. > >  > >  > >  > >  > > ________________________________ > >  
From: John <jr_esq@> > > To: mailto:FairfieldLife%40yahoogroups.com  > > Sent: 
Friday, June 28, 2013 1:12 PM > > Subject: [FairfieldLife] Vatican Official 
Arrested for Corruption > >  > >  > >  > >    > > He tried to bring in 
millions of euros in cash from Switzerland without going through customs.  
Further investigation of this case could disclose many ugly details.  One 
wonders how many mistresses this crook is keeping by stealing from the church 
coffers. > >  > > This is a case of Jupiter turning into a malefic.  When it 
does, it steals millions through organized crime. > >  > > 
> > >                 

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