We'll see if that holds up when you get ice storms this winter

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The 10 day forecast for Fairfield has highs in the 70s to low 80s, with 50s and 
60s at night. Of course, the science is very clear on this: FF has Maharishi 
brand Vedic pandits, while Texas and California do not, hence the more pleasant 
temperatures in FF.

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> Was 101 here and I ran the AC in the evening.  It still works.  I wanted 
> to replace it as it is probably over 30 years old GE but the neighbors 
> think there's is even older but working.  I wanted to replace it with a 
> quieter unit but most of the stores only have window not through the 
> wall.  However some of the installer blogs say they can make some of the 
> window units work as through the wall.  Around here though the 
> installers seen to only want to do central air.  I looked into it but 
> with the required electrical upgrade was $5000.  The place is prepped 
> for it and I asked the original owner why she didn't put it in and she 
> said it wasn't worth it because it only got really hot a few days out of 
> the year and the wall unit was sufficient.  I have a Soleus portable in 
> this room which I run if it gets too hot.
> It's a Spare the Air Day but I'm still driving to the waterfront park 
> for a walk which may have a cool breeze off the water. People hate these 
> Spare the Air Days around here because it's a perfect day to BBQ and 
> they can't.  And Saturdays you get these gardening crews coming around 
> as they will be in this neighborhood running movers and blowers which 
> aren't supposed to be run either.  But what can they do?  People want 
> them there on Saturday when they're home not during the week.
> If the BART workers strike on Monday then the Bay Area might look like 
> Mumbai by the end of day.
> On 06/29/2013 07:52 AM, Mike Dixon wrote:
> > Upper 120's for Death Valley today, upper 90's for Houston with near 100% 
> > humidity, feels like Death Valley! But ahhhh, the comforts of 
> > air-conditioning. The dog doesn't want to run(swim,maybe) the Peregrine 
> > won't want to fly. We'll just chill today.
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> > Subject: [FairfieldLife] A true culinary "find" in Paris
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> > No, not five-star cuisine, comfort food -- fish and chips. And in my
> > 'hood, no less, at a very acceptable cafe near rue Mouffetard that has
> > free Wifi. I feel like a soccer fan shouting "Score!"  :-)
> >
> > Light, crispy crust perfectly fried around a tasty morsel of fresh fish,
> > served with acceptable fries, tartar sauce, and -- bless them! --
> > vinegar on the side, without me even having to ask for it. I must look
> > English or something today.
> >
> > As for "today," it's still overcast and slightly on the chilly side, at
> > the end of June. I'm wearing a short-sleeved shirt, but many around me
> > are wearing coats and sweaters. It's a gigantic leap to go from looking
> > around the cafe at this to reading on the Net about the heat waves in
> > the American Southwest.
> >
> > I wish them all well. Ten years ago I was here in Paris during the
> > now-infamous canicule (heat wave) that killed hundreds of people in
> > Europe. It was *intense*. High temperatures, but the killer (literally)
> > was that it never cooled down -- not even at night -- for a couple of
> > weeks.
> >
> > At that time of year, most of Paris is away on vacation. Many of the
> > ones left behind are old, and don't have the money to travel. Their age
> > made them susceptible to heatstroke and respiratory conditions, and many
> > were placed in grave danger by the incessant heat. The doctors of Paris
> > were *also* away on vacation during this period, but to their credit,
> > when they heard about the temperatures, many of them left their families
> > at their vacation homes and returned to Paris, because they knew what
> > was going to happen, and wanted to be there to care for people. It has
> > been estimated that if they hadn't done that, the number of deaths as a
> > result of the canicule would have been several times higher than it was.
> >
> > But today it's cool, and so were the fish and chips. Life just rocks
> > sometimes when you're easy to please.  :-)
> >
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