Jeez, what a saint you've been Judy. You mean to tell me that you and your 
sister never got into any hair pulling fights?! Anyway, I simply meant that if 
A is being hurt by B, then it's A's responsibility to remove himself or herself 
from B's presence. Otherwise it's society's responsibility to put wrong doers 
in circumstances where they can't harm those weaker than them.

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> My guess is we've all done wrong and or stupid stuff at some point
> in our lives including lying and physically hurting others even
> those we love. So I vote for pragmatic and universal compassion.
> Just to be clear, by pragmatic compassion I don't mean the allowing
> of abuse. I mean something along the lines of hate the wrong doing,
> have compassion for the wrong doer but don't allow them to continue
> wrong doing.

I guess you're not talking about FFL, then, huh? Unless
you have some magical formula that prevents wrongdoers
from continuing their wrongdoing.

As to "physically hurting others," I suggest you speak for
yourself. My own guess is that most of us have managed to
avoid physical violence, to those we love as well as to
those we don't.

> For yourself, steer clear of abusive behavior and do what's
> necessary to protect those who aren't able to protect themselves.


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