"But whatever George Zimmerman's culpability in 
Martin's shooting, he is not to blame for the 
social order of pre-civil-rights America. He 
has every right to mount a vigorous defense, 
and the judge and jury have a duty, as in any 
trial, to give the defendant the benefit of 
any reasonable doubt.

The rightful term to describe a criminal trial 
that serves as a 'referendum' is "show trial."

'Cracking' the Case'

Mike Dixon wrote:
> > It's been political from the get- go. This has been a lame attempt at 
> > rehabilitating the unfortunate image of many young black males in America 
> > today. "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon". The media has pushed 
> > the image of a younger, more wholesome, clean-cut Trayvon being racially 
> > profiled by a *white*, oops, *white Hispanic* vigilante. NBC was caught , 
> > red-handed, editing 911 tapes in an attempt to make Zimmerman's motives 
> > look racially charged. At the same time,the media only shows us photos of 
> > Martin some 4 -5 years younger, less intimidating, no *grill*,no mention 
> > of his reputation for fighting or drug use. The facts coming out in the 
> > trial are showing why Zimmerman was not charged in the first place. As far 
> > as I'm concerned, it's the media that is on trial and I find them guilty of 
> > misuse of the facts to promote a political agenda.
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> Subject: [FairfieldLife] Zimmerman trial - So, it's all about race
> "We don't believe the focus was really race" - Martin 
> Family Attorney
> "That's a remarkable statement to come from the Martin 
> legal team, since race is the only reason we're having 
> this trial at all. 
> Everyone from the Martin family's lawyers, to the 
> professional grievance industry, to characters like the 
> New Black Panther Party was busy whipping up riot 
> conditions and treating Zimmerman as a fugitive from 
> racial justice, which led to filmmaker Spike Lee 
> endangering the lives of an innocent couple that just 
> happened to be named 'Zimmerman.' 
> And there's a good reason the media referred to 
> Zimmerman as 'white' until photos of him finally leaked 
> out, and they had to change it to 'white Hispanic,' a 
> very special demographic of which George Zimmerman 
> seems to remain the only high-profile member."
> 'The focus most certainly is race at the Zimmerman trial'
> http://tinyurl.com/qz7teg2

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