John when discussions like this ensue, I wonder if the same aspects that make 
one famous, perhaps also make one subject to sudden reverses of fortune, in 
either direction. I've always thought this was due to Rahu. But maybe something 

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> >>> Shitty web design.  Too many ads and slow ad servers.  Took forever to
> >>> load.  One forum I was on had that problem and I let them know and they
> >>> nixed the offending ad.  Design wise I hate sites that don't provide a
> >>> "show all".  Plus the link says 20 celebrities and the article says 15.
> >>> While I'm at it I hate ads you can't cancel on YouTube.  Some are longer
> >>> than the actual video.  Idiocracy is here.
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> >>> Creative people are in general right brained and not good with money.
> >>> They often don't like to deal with it.   They need managers they can
> >>> trust and have someone manage their money and invest it wisely.  Since
> >>> you are a jyotishee you should know fame and fortune may come during one
> >>> or more good planetary periods but if the next period is crap they may
> >>> have trouble finding work.
> >>>
> >>> I saw the same problem working for a company that went public.  The
> >>> usual advice you get when that happens is to not sell your options
> >>> because it looks like you don't trust the future of the company.  In
> >>> reality that is too risky and probably good idea to sell off some and
> >>> find a good money manager for your stocks.  The creative people at my
> >>> company didn't even like to make decisions about their 401Ks.
> >>>
> >> I don't have the jyotish charts of these celebrities.  But they should 
> >> have consulted a jyotishi while they were making the money.
> >
> > Better still, a financial planner. Or how about not spending millions of 
> > dollars on things they will never use and don't need? I am not sure the 
> > stars and planets made them do it but lots of famous and rich people seem 
> > to think there is no limit to what they can have and what they need. 
> > Sometimes it is simply unscrupulous employees who steal like crazy from 
> > these people, like accountants and managers. I'm pretty sure terrestrial 
> > forces are to blame for much of the financial ruin of these celebrities. 
> > When you lose control of what you have or don't take the time and care to 
> > understand where your money is going there are some simple laws of physics 
> > at work which involve dissemination and the spreading of wealth like leaves 
> > in the wind. If I remember Domash correctly it has something to do with the 
> > Third Law of Thermodynamics.
> >
> >   They could have saved some of their money for a rainy day.  In 
> > particular, Kim Basinger bought her old home town.  Then four years later 
> > she filed bankruptcy.  That's a little odd.  Well, obviously it's part of 
> > her karma.  I hope she's now financially healthy.
> Problem is that some did get financial planners who ran off with or 
> squandered their money.  So it has to be a *good* financial planner. 
> Then some bought some very large homes cash and when they needed to 
> liquidate found no buyers.  We even had that problem around here with 
> tech company founders who had eyes bigger than their wallet and a bit 
> near sighted too and built 'weird' monstrosities that they were unable 
> to sell.  Even around here on my morning walk I see this castle like 
> mansion on the hill that locals tell me the attorney that built it ran 
> out of money and it is unfinished.


Attorneys are notorious for mishandling their own finances.  F. Lee Bailey, one 
of OJ Simpson's high profile defenders, was one of them.  I don't know if he's 
still practicing law or is still alive.

As far as Kim Basinger is concerned.  It looks like she earned some of her 
money back after her bankruptcy.  She has worked on several films after her 
bankruptcy filing.  And, she probably got a tidy sum from her divorce against 
Alec Baldwin.

> >> And yes, you're right about the website.  I thought it was only my 
> >> computer that was playing tricks on me.
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