Yes, words like "journeyman" - geez...this is going to be a major code-revision 
cost.  They are having trouble coming up with a gender neutral word for 
manhole.  And then the military is not in favor of changing words like 
"seaman."  Waste of time and money.  

Also, I haven't been following it too closely, but trying to enforce a 
"nanogram" DUI standard for marijuana is going to be difficult, given the 
length of time that THC stays in one's system.  Of course, ostensibly, they 
wouldn't be pulled over unless they were driving too slowly.  Ha.  And, now, 
they are looking at including hash oil in the whole regulatory process, for 
fear it will go black market.  They had to bring in a "pot expert."  Ha.  Our 
legislators at work.  

--- In, "John" <jr_esq@...> wrote:
> Hey, Emily
> We haven't seen you around here for ages.  We're your back posting again.  
> Also, I hear that Washington State has passed another milestone by passing a 
> law against gender specific words in the state.  California may never catch 
> up with you all up there.
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> > Here's a review from the New Yorker
> >\
> > a_lane
> > <\
> > ma_lane
> > >
> > 
> > 
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> > > I found this movie remarkable -saw it last night via Netflix.  It
> > stars Tilda Swinton, takes place in and around Milan, and is unlike any
> > film I have seen.  The photography is just beautiful, with images that
> > are slowly filmed and that bring out the beauty of a plate of food,
> > skin, a person's neck, a stairway, a stone carving detail.  The movie is
> > fairly slow-paced but exquisite.
> > >
> >

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