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> The US is now pondering how to proceed with its problems and the problems 
> with the rest of the world.  It would too easy to say that we should solve 
> our problems first and the rest will take care of itself.  But it needs a 
> demand of products and services in order to harness its capabilities to 
> supply the demand.
> This can only be done when the needs of the world are included in the US 
> economic equation.  As you have pointed out, many of the countries in the 
> world are not developed as the USA, Europe and Japan.  These countries are 
> not as efficient politically and economically to quickly transform their 
> cultures.
> IMO, these economic forces will eventually lead to a world government that 
> would try to improve everyone's quality of life.  The US would gain because 
> the need for improvement will be created which can be satisfied by the US 
> production capability.

> In short, what I'm trying to say is that the karma of the US natal chart is 
> powerful enough to create such a world government.  

I'm not proposing that the United Nations to take over.

Which is exactly what is going to happen.  

What I'm proposing is that the rest of the world countries join the American 
Union of States.

Joining bankruptcy, you must be joking !

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