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> > dear Ravi, I just asked my pastoral counselor about my allegedly being what 
> > you call psychologically stunted. She laughed in total delight. End of 
> > report. 
> Isn't that why you pay her the big bucks, to tell you what you want to hear?
> Of course you provided this pasture-loving counsellor the full context for 
> why someone would say that about you, I'm sure. Being the lover of complexity 
> that you are Share, I am sure the two of you had a protracted and in depth 
> investigation into why this characterization should have been attributed to 
> you by Ravi. Yes, this description of your counselling session certainly 
> conveys how deeply and in detail you considered the possibility you are 
> "psychologically stunted". Perhaps your counsellor might be too? Oops, maybe 
> that was arrogant of me to suggest this. Forget I said that.

Well, at any rate, I'm sure her counselor counseled her
to be compassionate to poor hilariously deluded Ravi.

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