And neither one is as silent as Bad Habits. But both definitely has
their charms.

This cafe is on the Boulevard St. Germain itself, opposite the Cluny
Museum. If I wanted silence (and if it were open at this hour), I could
just cross the street, go in, and be plunged into one of the great
treasure-troves of Medieval silence in the world. But tonight the crowds
and the hip-hop music in the background kinda appeal to me, so since
this is my first night in my new 'hood, I figured I should go for a more
boisterous writing cafe.

This is, after all, the Latin Quarter. It's known for its boppy
nightlife and another kind of treasure-trove, its food. Yes, it's full
of tourists, but there are restaurants here that cater *to* the
tourists, and thus always have reasonably-priced specials on their
menus. And many of them are really *good*. Even though my new Airbnb
apartment has an adequate kitchen (the last one did not), I don't expect
to be doing a lot of cooking while I'm here. :-)

And interestingly, despite what I might have theorized during my last
Bad Habits rap, the French around me in this cafe are not overly chic
and upscale, and they're lookin' pretty damned happy. But then what is
*not* to like about T-shirt weather in Paris, with the skies still light
at ten PM? In weather like this, people want to go *out*, just like in
the Netherlands.

Scanning FFL just now, I see that many are still *in*, and discussing
that topic that seems to come up here all too often -- what happens when
you die. Color me not interested. I'll find out soon enough. The people
around me aren't really pondering that one very much, either. They're
laughing, and enjoying what happens when you live. I, for one, can't
fault them for that. YMMV.

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