Barry must be having a lonely time at the cafe, no one to talk to. This is 
evident by the fact that he keeps posting tonight.

--- In, turquoiseb <no_reply@...> wrote:
> You all know who I'm talking about. The people on this
> forum who seem to live for insulting the people they
> don't like, but who don't seem capable of thinking up
> any new or interesting insults. Many of them, like
> Jimbo and Ravi and Ann, just parrot the last insult
> that their groupie-mistress used, and to them that
> seems clever.
> For others, who might want to interject a bit more
> creativity (or at the very least, humor) into the
> insults they hurl, I post this handy visual aid.
> Print it out, and tape it next to your computer.
> Then, when you next feel the need to "let fly with
> one," follow the instructions below.'ll
> sound smarter, even if you aren't.   :-)
>   []

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