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>>>> The way people post here it would be better if FFL were a BBS
>>>> style forum where it is all web and if you only quote something
>>>> from a previous post when needed and you can select how much of
>>>> a previous post you want to quote.
>>> Do you have trouble doing this, Bhairitu? I never have. Is that
>>> a limitation of Thunderbird, that you can't delete any of the
>>> post you're responding to?
>> No Judy, I obviously don't have any problem formating text
>> any way I want. No, Thunderbird does not have such limitations
>> and in fact you can do a whole lot more than you can ever do
>> with the Yahoo Groups web interface.
> I have no doubt of that. But the things you said it would
> be better if one could do on FFL *are things one can already
> do on FFL*.

Takes more work.  A forum means that you have to work to add in comments 
from prior posts.  That is preferable.

>> Perhaps you ought to try it sometime.  I'm sure why you
>> didn't get where I said "the way people post here".
> I think you mean "I'm NOT sure why you didn't get..."
> It doesn't make any sense, that's why. Perhaps you left
> some words out? You do that a lot, you know.

Okay I left NOT out.  It's a typo.   You still got the gist.  Lots of 
people here make typos.  BFD.

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