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>> An unmanned aerial vehicle was able to launch and land
>> on an aircraft carrier without any human guidance.
>> http://news.yahoo.com/navy-completes-1st-unmanned-carrier-132056652.html
> I can just hear the recruiting commercial now:
> "Become a Navy pilot. Sit in a dark room wearing 3D
> immersion goggles and playing with your joystick,
> just like you do already in your room in your
> parents' basement. But in the Navy you get paid
> for it, and now you're even eligible for medals."
> :-)

You're a little behind the times. Those commercials have been around for 
years but of course you aren't in the US to see them.  The conspiracy 
theorists believe that the military actually paid game companies to 
develop games that would create players who could man remote aircraft.  
But I think in the beginning they just noticed they could make use of 
skilled game players.  And of course simulators have been around 
forever.  As a kid I used to play the old WWII simulators at the Santa 
Cruz boardwalk arcade.

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