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> >>> An unmanned aerial vehicle was able to launch and land
> >>> on an aircraft carrier without any human guidance.
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> >>> http://news.yahoo.com/navy-completes-1st-unmanned-carrier-132056652.html
> >> I can just hear the recruiting commercial now:
> >>
> >> "Become a Navy pilot. Sit in a dark room wearing 3D
> >> immersion goggles and playing with your joystick,
> >> just like you do already in your room in your
> >> parents' basement. But in the Navy you get paid
> >> for it, and now you're even eligible for medals."
> >>
> >> :-)
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> > Barry,
> >
> > They may need more programmers for UAVs with artificial intelligence.  This 
> > could potentially create a new industry for the entire armed services.  
> > Eventually, humans will only be needed to manage a group of UAVs as they 
> > fly off with their preprogrammed objectives.
> >
> > So, eventually wars can be fought by machines.  Human pilots do not need to 
> > be on board those UAVs when they're flying dangerous attack missions.
> And exactly what "dangerous attack missions" are they going to be 
> flying?  More conquering of sovereign countries?  The US is now the Nazi 
> Germany of the 21st Century.  What  madmen we have at the helm.


This goes back again to the US national chart.  The chart has Mars in the 7th 
house making it an aggressive nation when provoked.  This is the same feature 
of the nation that made it acquire lands for expansion, such as the Louisiana 
Purchase, the Indian Wars, the Mexican-American War, the Alaska Purchase. 

Technically, the US could have acquired the entire country of Mexico since the 
Americans marched into Mexico City to defeat the Mexican military.  But the 
American leaders probably thought that the cost of governance would increase a 
hundred fold if Mexico was annexed as a new territory or state.

On the positive side, however, the US must abide by the credo stated in the 
Declaration of Independence which states that:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that 
they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among 
these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness..."

IMO, this is the karma of the US as a nation.  So far, it's been very 
successful--except that we are now in the battle for economic existence.  At 
this time, the US is probably in the middle of the greatest battle for its 
existence as a nation as well.  Will the American experiment as conceived by 
the Founding Fathers survive?

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