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> >>>     Will the American experiment as conceived by the Founding Fathers 
> >>> survive?
> >> It disappeared after the Civil War with the Supreme Court decision on
> >> Santa Clara County vs Southern Pacific Railroad.  Up until then
> >> corporations were limited in their power, size and lifespan.  This was
> >> the first time that the Supreme Court declared that corporation had the
> >> rights of individuals.  Remember the colonists were fighting the British
> >> East Indian Company whose principal stockholder was the King of
> >> England.  This left a bad taste in the mouths of many of the founding
> >> fathers who set up laws to keep corporations from being so powerful.  We
> >> are no longer a country "for the people, by the people" but "for the
> >> corporations and by the corporations." Anything else is an illusion.
> >>
> >> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Clara_County_v._Southern_Pacific_Railroad
> >>
> >> Perhaps the Supreme Court is a bad idea.  It probably should have been
> >> done away with and replaced by something more democratic.
> >>
> > It will take an act of Congress to change the makeup of the Supreme Court.  
> > For the time being, the judges have been adept at dodging major decisions 
> > as seen in its handling of the gay marriage issue.
> Sometime, probably soon, the dollar will collapse and with it the US.  
> You'll be "on your own".  Some places may form "community" but other 
> areas will be like a "Road Warrior" society.  People should be paying 
> attention to things like the cost of food and what kind of food you are 
> getting at your grocer.  Quality has gone done in the search for 
> profit.   They will poison you to stay rich.

According to the criteria by Kalidasa, I'm well suited for living in San 
Francisco.  But using the criteria through astro-cartography, I am supposed to 
be living in the longitude going through Couer D'Alene to Tijuana, Mexico.  
That's quite a diversity of cities right there.

Anyway, the natal Moon of the USA in Aquarius is the same as mine.  So, we're 
buds or soul brothers.  If I don't make here, I won't make it anywhere (to 
paraphrase a song).

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