"Misheard" English by Hullu-jussi (Mad-john):


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> Pays artists or publishers?  iTunes would be paying the record publisher 
> in most cases unless the artist is a self-publisher.  Same should be 
> true for Spotify. Artists were generally screwed by record companies 
> anyway. Recordings have long been thought of as a way to get people to 
> your concerts where you make the real money though back in the day one 
> could make some good money on record and mechanical royalties.  As a 
> musician I was amazed at how important people thought music was when 
> Napster popped up.  You'd think they wouldn't have cut the arts from the 
> school curriculum.
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> > Spotify pays artists 8/1000th's of a cent(!), as a royalty per song sale. 
> > That compares to iTunes, which pays about 70 cents per song. Cheap bastards 
> > masquerading as hipsters.
> >
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> >> How many of these did you misquote?  In some cases the bands I was in
> >> liked to misquote and often with even worse misquotes. :-D
> >>
> >> http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2013/07/11/spotify-wrong-song-lyrics/2506899/
> >>
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