Same as some of the yahoo groups I'm on, particularly the so called 'spiritual 
groups' who don't want to see this 'Muslimstuff'. 

Baby, it's all part of the big 'spiritual picture'. Get grounded! The spiritual 
doesn't fly right without seeing things as they are, and being active to change 
those spiritual/religions who cloister themselves claiming sanctity of their 
hogwash ways. BULLSHIT! Religion's purpose to the 'controllers' is to know who 
the 'irrelevant' are by grouping them .... like sheep. You know - 'SHEEPLE'!

Hey, Australia! Keep those Muslim boat people comin’ inby BareNakedIslam
Keep giving them welfare and free housing. Don't worry if they refuse to 
work. They are making your country a multicultural third world slum. 
Happy, yet? h/t Debbie R
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