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> Re "Goebbles [sic] never had it so good" : actually Herr Goebbels had
> all his opponents shipped off to concentration camps you silly man!

Er, "silly woman"? Raunchy is a woman but, as you will sooner or later find 
out, hardly "silly".

> Steyn has to compete on the open forum of the web and is one of the most
> popular political pundits around the globe.
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "raunchydog"  wrote:
> > Steyn is the Cadberry Easter Bunny of journalism. Masquerading as a
> clucking chicken, he delivers chocolate eggs in colorful foil, but each
> contains a poison pill. He wraps a delicious story in oft repeated
> talking points solely for the purpose of delivering red meat smears to
> trained teabaggers salivating on cue. Goebbles never had it so good.
> >

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