Seraphita, it doesn't pay to *think* on FFL, you must *feel*. You must *feel* 
empathy for the downtrodden. You have to feel their *pain*  and wallow in it 
with them, regardless of whether they are right or wrong. That shows others, 
that you really *care* and if you really *care*, others will *love* you, just 
like Sally Fields!< You see, Trayvon was just a poor little innocent black 
child, never hurt a fly( just look at the pictures  when he was twelve), just 
bought Skittles for his little brother and tea for himself and was skipping 
home in the rain when that evil ,white... err, I mean, White Hispanic,  was 
following him, probably going to molest him(weed induced paranoia) and then 
that creepy- ass cracker pulled out a gun and just shot him because he looked 
suspicious and was going to get away.... again. Just don't think about the 
facts. Just *feel* and you'll be loved.

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Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: The George Zimmerman case: Steyn nails it.

Actually I'm neither right-wing nor left-wing - I'm happy to leave that kind of 
dualistic thinking to the unenlightened. If anything, I'm closest to being anti 
the state in my approach to politics, so on the political right I enjoy those 
conservative writers who oppose the encroaching nanny state and on the 
political left I'm a big fan of those old anarchist theoreticians (and I'll 
give a nod to the hippies also). If over your side of the pond you call someone 
with views like mine a "right-wing fundamentalist" then that's what I am! The 
terminology is misleading though. 

But re your comment "Why you care enough about this subject" : because I care 
about justice!  What would you think of someone who couldn't give a shit if 
Zimmerman was convicted or not?

--- In, "Ann" wrote:>> > "Childish rants" appears 
to be what this post of yours is. It not only earmarks you as right wing but 
rather fundamentalist in the worst kind of way, not to mention insulting as a 
result of others not agreeing with your viewpoints. I don't think any TM 
checking could cure you of any of these afflictions either. Why you care enough 
about this subject enough to demonstrate these unsavoury characteristics you 
evidently possess is one of those mysteries of life. We've got a couple of 
assholes here already, I guess another one won't hurt.> > 

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