"Who'd have thunk it?": I remember my dad saying once, when the family
was watching Star Trek on the box, "Why don't they just put Spock in
charge of the Enterprise?"  None of us could think of a rebuttal.
Spock's the one who relied on logic - none of this touchy-feely
nonsense. As Plato pleaded in The Republic isn't that the kind of man
(women were excluded according to the "Divine Plato") we want in
leadership positions?
On the other hand, I do find these (fabricated) crop circles rather
pleasing. Nothing wrong with a bit of fun.

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Michael Jackson  wrote:
> So Brits are like Vulcans then - British Vulcans - who would-a thought
it?! Now we know who is doing all the crop circles that Nabby gets so
worked up about.

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