Steve, grilled artichoke! I've never even heard of that! But I love artichokes 
and that sounds delicious. Not to mention nutritious (-:
Anyway, thank you for all the wonderful details. I think you have officially 
joined the ranks of good travel writers here on FFL. Part of that has to do 
with pacing in the narrating of events. It's not a skill I have so I enjoy 
seeing it in the writing of others. Anyway, welcome back, safe travels today, 
hope you found some good gifts and had a sweet arrival back home.

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Hi Share,
We really only splurged one night.  Wife had some kind of fancy chicken breast, 
son had a grilled flat iron steak, daughter had seafood pasta, and I had a 
caesar salad and grilled artichoke.  Caesar salad was magnificent with the 
sliced anchovies.  The taste I had of everyone elses dish was very good.
We had Mexican one night, bbq tonight, and the rest of the time was eating at 
the condo or pizza type dinners.
Activities were fun, but we didn't get to do the camping overnight.  The 
conditioning wasn't really there for an 8-1/2 mile hike, and it turned out that 
I had to stay close to e-mail for much of each morning.
But we did take a nice bike ride, (mostly all downhill) from Snowmass to Aspen, 
and then another day from Snowmass to Aspen via the Rio Grande Trail.  About 
halfway through the Rio Grande Trail, tired and parched, we stopped at a path 
side water fall where we removed our shoes and waded in the the little spash 
pond and refreshed ourselves.
Then yesterday was tubing on the Colorado River.  Fun also, but I couldn't find 
a good way to stay on the tube and kept falling off.  I lost the tube a one 
point and had to walk a ways.  Little frustrating, but overall fun.  Hi-light 
there was at the end, near Glenwood Springs, where Gaia had hot water mineral 
spring that went right into the river and they had built a rock pool around it 
where the rafters and tubers could stop and enjoy.
Also, took one long day hike, which was strenuous but fun.  It was that hike 
that made me realize I couldn't really bite off 8-1/2 miles. (along with the 
business stuff)
Today did some fishing and caught fish after fish at a stocked  pond, but had 
no luck later at the fast running stream.
That's it in a nutshell.  Have to try to find some presents on the way home 
tomorrow for the employees who did a stand up job while I was gone.

--- In, Share Long wrote:
> Welcome back, Steve and it'll be great to hear about some of your adventures. 
> I remember that you all went hiking last year. And you mentioned something 
> about possibly camping. How was the weather? Did you all get to Aspen at all? 
> Not to mention, how was the FOOD?  
> PS If time is limited, please talk about the food first (-:


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