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> This guy is just your average, stupid, run of the mill racist. Why so
impressed, or have you successfully hidden your glue sniffing habit from
Wow, you guys really do play the race card as a knee-jerk response,
don't you? Steyn is neither stupid nor average: even his detractors have
had to admit his flair for controversy. He's also a fine champion for
freedom of speech and has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with those whose
lives are under constant threat of assassination because of their un-PC
views. Don't you agree that even dumb asses like you should be able to
express your ill-considered opinions without fear of assault? (I leave
glue sniffing to the plebs - I deserve Class A drugs.)
> The one guy had a gun. The other guy didn't. Are we done yet?
Lucky for him he had a gun or he'd be six feet under today.Yes, we are
done. Not Guilty was the right call. Of course Zimmerman will never be
able to live a normal life now so that should be some consolation to
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> > When conservative commentator Mark Steyn is on form he can pen some
> > the best journalism on the web. I'm in awe at his piece about the
> > Zimmerman stitch-up. Read it and weep.
> > http://tinyurl.com/qxadrqa
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