Seraphita... racist, sexist, bigot. homophobe is a standard insult hurled to 
keep you under *control*, put you in your place. The same way the *n* word was 
used to keep black people in *their* place. It's intended to remind you of who 
you are and that makes you less. Wear it as a badge of honor because you've 
reduced the caller to a lower denominator.< George Zimmerman will always be a 
*marked* man but he could also become a very wealthy man in the near future. 
Florida has strong laws against being charged with a crime without the evidence 
to support a conviction. That is why he wasn't charged in the first place. He 
has an excellent case against the state of Florida. He also has a strong case 
against NBC for editing his 911 call that made him look like he brought up the 
issue of *race* in his call. The idea, to make Zimmerman look as if he was a 
racist. That would show malice, strengthening a man slaughter case. Florida and 
NBC will probably want to
 settle out of court, making Zimmerman very wealthy and able to live anywhere 
he wants. Meanwhile, Al Sharpton will probably lose his show for genning this 
up in the first place. Is that two strikes for Al? Tawana Brawley and Trayvon 
or was that three? Don't remember if he was involved in the Duke la cross 

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> This guy is just your average, stupid, run of the mill racist. Why so 
> impressed, or have you successfully hidden your glue sniffing habit from us? 

Wow, you guys really do play the race card as a knee-jerk response, don't you? 
Steyn is neither stupid nor average: even his detractors have had to admit his 
flair for controversy. He's also a fine champion for freedom of speech and has 
stood shoulder-to-shoulder with those whose lives are under constant threat of 
assassination because of their un-PC views. Don't you agree that even dumb 
asses like you should be able to express your ill-considered opinions without 
fear of assault? 
(I leave glue sniffing to the plebs - I deserve Class A drugs.)> > The one guy 
had a gun. The other guy didn't. Are we done yet?> Lucky for him he had a gun 
or he'd be six feet under today.
Yes, we are done. Not Guilty was the right call. Of course Zimmerman will never 
be able to live a normal life now so that should be some consolation to you. 

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> When conservative commentator Mark Steyn is on form he can pen some of> > the 
> best journalism on the web. I'm in awe at his piece about the George> > 
> Zimmerman stitch-up. Read it and weep.> >> >>

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