Nice. Very nice.
If a case like this had happened in the UK, Zimmerman might not sleep so
easy at night as the bastards in power abolished double jeopardy
protection, which had been the law here since the Normans popped over in
Since 2005, serious crimes (including murder, manslaughter, kidnapping,
armed robbery, rape, and serious drug crimes) can be subject to a
retrial, regardless of when committed. Unbelievable! (Funnily enough,
the protection was abolished following a high-profile case in which an
innocent black youth standing at a bus stop was stabbed to death by a
gang of white thugs.)
For you guys the double jeopardy rule is guaranteed in your Fifth
Amendment. Don't ever let the politicians take it away from you.
--- In, Mike Dixon  wrote:
> O'Mara, Zimmerman's attorney, has said they will get immunity from any
civil cases brought against Zimmerman. Probably based on *stand your
ground* law. So if the Martin's want to sue Zimmerman after Zimmerman
has settled with Florida and NBC it won't do them any good.

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