Self defense laws , in just about any state, require that a person be in fear 
of their life or serious bodily injury in order to use deadly force. That is 
why I'm all for as many people getting a permit to carry, as feel comfortable 
to do so. Not everybody is big and bad enough to take a beating or defend 
against one bare handed and survive. You can't tell me that "oh, I can take so 
many blows to the head and survive, I'll wait till the last possible one to 
pull that gun out and use it". Zimmerman took a lot of pounding, numerous blows 
to the head before drawing his gun, which he claims he did only after he 
thought Trayvon saw it and was going for it . There was a witness that saw him 
down taking a beating and I'll give Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt as to 
whether Trayvon saw and attempted to go for the gun.


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> Re "Anyone with a gun who shoots an unarmed man in a public place has
> committed a crime." : not if he is convinced his own life is in danger.
> Like it or not that's what the law says in Florida.
> And even if the law didn't say that I'd shoot someone regardless if I
> thought he was going to assault me unprovoked and I had a gun handy.

That is the crux right there, a very good reason why guns have no business in 
the hands of any member of the public. The threat of a broken jaw, a few 
stitches is not worth taking the life of another for. Level playing fields are 
not created by putting guns in the hands of those scared enough or angry enough 
to use them against others without a gun. Violence happens, people get 
threatened, injured, killed all the time. Add guns into the mix and you 
exponentially increase the bloodletting. No one will ever be able to convince 
me that guns are a right I should exercise or fight for. I didn't want to get 
into this topic but I guess I have now.
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> >
> > Ah, so he is an *intelligent* racist?? Anyone with a gun who shoots an
> unarmed man in a public place has committed a crime. I personally don't
> get into the whole black and white thing like the racist dude in the
> article. I don't give a damn if one person was green and the other
> polka-dotted. Enjoy your class A delusion.


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