wrong again - you discount the idea that the local law enforcement didn't give 
a shit about Martin because of his color - my step father was a cop in a small 
Southern town in SC and I know from him the level of prejudice that existed and 
still exists today in many Southern towns - it happens, don't doubt that.

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Yes, I've a lot of sympathy for your point here Ann - but then here in the UK 
we have some of the strictest gun-control laws in the world! You're not even 
allowed to carry pepper spray as a deterrent as you can in France, for example.

The bottom-line in this Zimmerman case is probably that it should never have 
been a "case" at all as there was always insufficient evidence to take it to 

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> That is the crux right there, a very good reason why guns have no business in 
> the hands of any member of the public. The threat of a broken jaw, a few 
> stitches is not worth taking the life of another for. Level playing fields 
> are not created by putting guns in the hands of those scared enough or angry 
> enough to use them against others without a gun. Violence happens, people get 
> threatened, injured, killed all the time. Add guns into the mix and you 
> exponentially increase the bloodletting. No one will ever be able to convince 
> me that guns are a right I should exercise or fight for. I didn't want to get 
> into this topic but I guess I have now.
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