Ravi - playful guy you are.  I think the "feelings" that came through my post 
may scare Xeno away.  Smile.  I'm not expecting anything in that regard; Xeno 
put in a yoeman's effort today on that response to Barry, which I admit to 
finding very humorous - the Judy quotes were marvelous.  

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Yep you are very compassionate inspite of your supreme knowledge that it is all 
ultimately Self - we are too styoooooopid, over-the-top emotional, reactive, 
irony-challenged to recognize how lucky we are that you have graced this list 
under the guise of this Zimmerman-Martin saga. Why didn't your 
racist-conservative-liberal-libertarian-quietist views not wake us up from our 

Xeno baby - you have competition, watch out !!! You really need to nail this 
retard first before you get to Emily.

On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 7:23 PM, Seraphita <s3raph...@yahoo.com> wrote:

>Re "I disagree completely": now that made me laugh as we do finally agree. I 
>also am not one to protest reality (I'm a quietist at heart). I don't really 
>care that much what happens to Zimmerman from here on in; he can look after 
>himself. And, yep, karma's a bitch alright.
>--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, doctordumbass@...  wrote:
>> Yeah, OK. I disagree completely, though I am not one to protest reality. I 
>> don't care what happens to the killer - karma's a bitch.


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