Yes, but You Still Suck. Here's hoping you fall into the Seine! :-) 

--- In, turquoiseb <no_reply@...> wrote:
> Gee. I post a few numbers, straight from the Yahoo Search Engine,
> that suggest that a few people on this forum seem to have a bit of
> an obsession thang going on about their "enemies," and what
> happens while I'm away enjoying Bastille Day?
> An avalanche of spin, equivocation, and obsessing on the very
> people I suggested they obsess on. I consider the post a success,
> in that Judy has only ten posts left for the rest of the week, and
> her minions will probably "post out early," too.
> Meanwhile I spent the morning with my family, the afternoon
> traveling, and the evening enjoying Bastille Day. The Eiffel Tower
> is that pointy, shiny thing on the right, all lit up, waiting for the
> sky
> to join it with a fireworks show. The shiny thing on the left is the
> crescent moon. The "impressionism" is not due to Photoshop but
> to trying to hold an iPhone steady while trying not to fall off of
> the quai into the Seine.  :-)
> [\
> 0098436_101242183_n.jpg]
> I hope the rest of you -- those who didn't spend their time trying
> to "get" their "enemies" on FFL trying to make a case that that
> isn't what they do in *most* of their posts -- had a wonderful
> weekend.

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