We'uns likes our guns.

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Has *anyone* in America stopped to ponder whether the problem here
is easy availability of guns rather than race or whatever problems?

Seems likely that if you couldn't get hold of 9mm pistols at the
corner shop this situation might have amounted to a bit of arguing
and not much more. When everyone is scared that everyone else is
armed people are bound to be be a bit spikier.

I hear they have armed guards at primary schools now. What the fuck
is wrong with your country?

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> Looks like a new version of the Trayvon/Zimmerman encounter is developing, 
> see Drudge Report. Seems that on the Pierce Morgan Show last night that 
> Rachel Jeantel reported that race had nothing to do with the encounter . She 
> said that she and Trayvon thought Zimmerman might be a *rapist*, a homosexual 
> rapist at that and that's why Trayvon was Creeped-out by Zimmerman following 
> him. He didn't want Zimmerman following him to his home because his little 
> brother was there and might... It's looking more like Trayvon intended to 
> give Zimmerman the Mathew Shepherd treatment. Martin intended to beat the 
> snot out of the *fagot* that was stalking him. Zimmerman took a pounding for 
> 45 seconds and then fired in self defense. In short, Trayvon's homophobia 
> killed him.


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