Nope, Zimmerman's story checked out , he had been on the phone with 911moments 
before, there were witnesses and evidence supporting the witnesses and 
Zimmerman's story and they didn't have a case against Zimmerman after weeks of 
investigation and they still didn't have a case against Zimmerman when they 
went to trial. The media has led the un-informed public down a road that they 
wanted people to believe and it turned out to be a dead end lie.


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This is excellent - his summation support my assertion that the local cops 
didn't give a damn about a black kid getting shot by someone not black. 


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Cenk nails this issue.
   --- In, Mike Dixon <mdixon.6569@...> wrote: > 
> Looks like a new version of the Trayvon/Zimmerman encounter is developing, 
see Drudge Report. Seems that on the Pierce Morgan Show last night that Rachel 
Jeantel reported that race had nothing to do with the encounter . She said that 
she and Trayvon thought Zimmerman might be a *rapist*, a homosexual rapist at 
that and that's why Trayvon was Creeped-out by Zimmerman following him. He 
didn't want Zimmerman following him to his home because his little brother was 
there and might... It's looking more like Trayvon intended to give Zimmerman 
the Mathew Shepherd treatment. Martin intended to beat the snot out of the 
*fagot* that was stalking him. Zimmerman took a pounding for 45 seconds and 
then fired in self defense. In short, Trayvon's homophobia
 killed him. >           

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