Whether it's Kenny Chesney or New Age music, the first thing that 
would have been a turn-off for me would be ANY music being played 
while yoga is being taught.

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, bbrigante <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> My new yoga teacher reminded me profoundly of Julie McCoy 
from "The 
> Love Boat." She wore a pink leotard and I'm pretty certain was 
> the grand mistress of Cardio-Burn Stepping. She bounded up to me, 
> placed her nose an inch from mine and demanded, "What's y'all's 
> name?" with such friendly enthusiasm it made me wish I had more 
> names. Class began only after Julie had set her Kenny Chesney CD 
> the proper volume. 
> "Take yer PLAY-sez!" she hollered.
> Julie, I soon learned, had an accent that favored four-syllable 
> commands with the emphasis on the third syllable.
> "Stretch yer HAM-strings!"
> "Grab yer ANK-ulls!"
> "Push it HARD-er!"
> http://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/18/magazine/18funny_humor.html
> "Over the next hour, Julie proceeded to do everything - I'm not 
> how to say this politely - dead wrong. When she wasn't coercing 
> stiff middle-aged beginners into weak-necked unsupported 
> ("You can DO it!"), she was encouraging us to compete against one 
> another - the ultimate yoga sin. ("Stretch like BETH does!") I 
> wanted to beg the other students to please not imitate Beth (who 
> clearly had the flexibility of a cheerleader) as I winced and 
> to hear the banjo-string-snapping sounds of Dixie tendons popping 
> all around me. 
> At last it was over, and Julie led us into a period of quiet 
> meditation, where we were to lie on our backs, letting our bodies 
> absorb the benefits of our practice. She changed the music over to 
> porno soundtrack and turned up the volume. "Shut yer eyes," she 
> said. "Look for yer CHAK-ras! That'll be them bright-colored 
> in yer soul! You gotta sur-REN-der to the MO-ment!" Then, the 
> command of the day: "Work them BOOBS, y'all!"

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