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>>> http://psychcentral.com/lib/transcendental-meditation-what-is-it-and-how-does-it-work/0008075
>> I have a friend who is a tenured professor of psychology and could
>> probably write a really good book comparing different forms of
>> meditation because he has practiced a variety of them including TM (and
>> also learned TM-Sidhis).  The problem with a lot these books is the
>> authors are pretty light weight when it comes to understanding yoga.  TM
>> has nothing special over other forms of meditation other than the
>> teachers wear suits.
> And obviously, is vastly more successful than any other technique in modern 
> times. Including your so-called "tantra"

Successful in what?  Making money obviously.  But what about some 
research to see how many people stick with TM?   Maybe not so successful 
in those terms as has been discussed here a bit.  I often find people 
who have done other programs stick with those longer but then that is 
because those programs were really for people interested in learning 
more about yogic techniques and philosophy. Something between a lite 
meditation program for the masses and being a guru's disciple.  TM has 
nothing for these people.

Being a tantric disciple is not for everyone.  It is a serious 
discipline and probably best undertaken at a young age before becoming a 
full fledged householder.

Part of my training was understanding the various programs, commonality 
and differences with their programs "for the masses" including TM.

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