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> Yeah, I saw Leonardo DiCaprio in an ad recently, and thought, "why?", though 
> I am sure the exposure is almost *required* at that level. And everyone has a 
> mortgage, or three.
> Not that it ultimately matters, though I am shooting for north of one 
> hundred, this time around.:-)

You'll need to know kayakalpa for that.  But in a nutshell it is making 
sure the you do the reduction (detox) and tonification cycles of 
ayurveda.  Of course all bets are off if a Mac truck hits your 
Volkswagen. ;-)

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>> Comcast maybe scrambling to find another actor to represent them in
>> their ads unless it's the U-Verse ads Farina was doing.  Wow, only 69
>> and with something anyone could have, a problem with a blood clot.
>> That's why every day after I turned 50 I've felt is a gift.
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>>> Always loved him, in any role. I inserted the title of one of my favorite 
>>> movies of his, 'Big Trouble', with Tim Allen, Rene Russo, Stanley Tucci, 
>>> Tom Sizemore, and Jason Lee. Hilarious comedy, about a nuclear device 
>>> smuggled into the US, that was slated for release just about the time 911 
>>> happened. Really awful timing, that buried an excellent dark comedy.
>>> >From wikipedia:
>>> "Big Trouble was originally scheduled for release on September 21, 2001 and 
>>> had a strong advertising push. The events of September 11 of that year cast 
>>> an unshakable pall over the movie's comedic smuggling of a nuclear device 
>>> onto an airplane. (A gun also makes its way onto the plane, but this was 
>>> easily overshadowed by the specter of the WMD.) Consequently, the film was 
>>> pushed back until April 2002, and the promotion campaign was toned down 
>>> almost to the point of abandonment. Big Trouble came quietly to American 
>>> theaters and left quickly afterwards, receiving mixed reviews and being 
>>> generally ignored by audiences, becoming a box office bomb."
>>> Dennis Farina, star of 'Law & Order,' dead at 69
>>> July 22, 2013, 1:15 PM EST
>>> NEW YORK (AP) -- Dennis Farina, a onetime Chicago cop who as a popular 
>>> actor played a cop on "Law & Order," has died.
>>> Farina died Monday morning in a Scottsdale, Ariz., hospital after suffering 
>>> a blood clot in his lung, according to his publicist, Lori De Waal. He was 
>>> 69.
>>> For three decades, Farina was a character actor who displayed remarkable 
>>> dexterity, charm and, when called for, toughness, making effective use of 
>>> his craggy face, steel-gray hair, ivory smile and ample mustache.
>>> Farina appeared in films including "Get Shorty," "Saving Private Ryan," 
>>> "Midnight Run" and "Out Of Sight."
>>> Among his many TV portrayals was Detective Joe Fontana on "Law & Order" 
>>> during the 2004-06 seasons. He starred in the 1980s cult favorite "Crime 
>>> Story" and was a regular in the 2011-12 HBO drama "Luck." He recently 
>>> completed shooting a comedy, "Lucky Stiff."
>>> A veteran of the Chicago theater, Farina appeared in Joseph Mantegna's 
>>> "Bleacher Bums" and "Streamers," directed by Terry Kinney, among other 
>>> productions.
>>> Born Feb. 29, 1944, in Chicago, he was a city detective before he found his 
>>> way into the acting profession as he neared his forties.
>>> His first film was the 1981 action drama "Thief," directed by Michael Mann, 
>>> whom he had met through a mutual friend while still working for the Chicago 
>>> Police Department.
>>> "I remember going to the set that day and being intrigued by the whole 
>>> thing," Farina recalled in a 2004 interview with The Associated Press. "I 
>>> liked it. And everybody was extremely nice to me. If the people were rude 
>>> and didn't treat me right, things could have gone the other way."
>>> Farina is survived by three sons, six grandchildren and his longtime 
>>> partner, Marianne Cahill.

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