'In general, Timothy Judge, a management professor at the University of Notre 
Dame, said his research has shown that agreeable people-those who are 
cooperative, nice and gentle-are less likely to emerge as leaders than 
disagreeable people. That's even though agreeable leaders tend to do just as 
good a job as disagreeable people, he said.'

'Many experts say it can be hard, at first, to distinguish the gifted leader 
from the narcissist or the bully. That's partly because some of the attributes 
we admire in leaders - such as the boldness and attention to detail so coveted 
by the likes of the late Apple executive Steve Jobs-can also turn darker.'


[ http://finance.yahoo.com/news/sometimes-boss-really-psycho-100000866.html ]

Thinking about the boss of World Teacher Seminars, and similar failed 
organisations. As for the TM org, it seems to be dying, but it is not dead yet.

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