Fine, but how about a spiritual .org form of Maoism for TM and the TMO now?  
Time for the Red Book of Quotations for the TMO.  It was amazingly 
transformative before in its time.  What actually were its themes that 
transformed China from feudal to something modern, in how many decades?  
Anybody actually read Mao's quotations to see how they did it?   

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> >> Bet you can't even properly define Marxism.  There are elements of it
> >> that are good.  Much of it is just observation of what happens when you
> >> let capitalism run wild and destroy society.  There has probably never
> >> been a actual implementation of Marxism.  The Soviet Union failed and
> >> went Stalinist.  The lesson to be learned from the French Revolution is
> >> the chopped the heads off of corrupt capitalists but then became corrupt
> >> socialists and chopped their own heads off.
> >>
> >> The kind of "Marxism" if at all that Obama is "shown trying to revive"
> >> is known at Neo-Liberalism or corporate communism.  Ridley Scott refer
> >> to the world "Bladerunner" as corporate communism.  It is not a good
> >> solution either.
> >>
> >> The solution is socialism for things that need to be in the commons and
> >> small business free enterprise for those who want to run their own
> >> businesses.  Best of both worlds.  Probably a too "enlightened" though
> >> obvious solution for an ignorant society.
> >>
> > What about Maoism?  Isn't Red China going in this direction you are saying 
> > after 60 years evolution of Mao?
> China is more capitalistic in many ways than the US.  It dumped Maoism 
> back in the 1980s.  They also have fewer prisoners per capita by far 
> than the US.  We get a lot of propaganda about China and civil 
> liberties.  A documentary about Chinese workers who return to their home 
> towns yearly showed that they could even protest without the arrest our 
> propagandists claim.
> Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on the US / USSR role reversal:
> And we need a house cleaning in Congress if the next election year isn't 
> too late:
> It seems that every country goes through some authoritarian period. If 
> it is the US's turn maybe I better be packing my bags.
> >   
> >> What most people are afraid of is not communism but authoritarianism.
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