Nabby, I only got fiber optic about 3 years ago. Til then I was on dial up! So 
my computer seems very fast to me now even though it's running Vista. I've had 
the computer about 7 years. It's an HP Pavillion that my SO chose. He used it 
for about a year along side his own computer, to build his website. It's got a 
wide screen that's ok for watching movies, yet it's not too heavy for 
traveling. Really the only problems I have are with yahoo changing stuff 
without any warning. Personally I think it's a plot by the Illuminati to keep 
us all bonkers (-:


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> Thanks, Nabby, you've inadvertently answered a long held question of mine: 
> could I get Win7 on a new computer? 

This is how Microsoft use their muscles in Europe, I don't know about across 
the water where they developed this nonsense. Even here you could get WIN7 on a 
new PC if you buy an outgoing model.

I currently have Vista which I've gotten used to and really don't know enough 
to be unhappy with! But I've read what you guys say about it. Anyway, this 
computer is 7 years old and I just hope it holds out for a while longer though 
I've been told that's usually the time to upgrade.

When you know how it works and the speed is OK why not hold on to it. I also 
have a 1o year old laptop which works fine, as long as I have the time to let 
it think things over :-) 

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> >
> > 
> > > > The Surface RT is $349 bucks. It's plenty good
> > > > enough for die-hard windows fans because it's not
> > > > running on software made by Apple or Google.
> > > >
> > nablusoss:
> > > The idiots who created Win8 drives me nuts. Such
> > > a friggin arrogant bunch should be driven out of
> > > business. Where are the Japanese when we need
> > > them ?
> > >
> > It's not complicated - just turn on the Metro view and
> > tap on Start? LoL!
> I already told you I will never touch a screen used for editing. 
> I now have a new, superior, very powerful, ultrafast and small laptop perfect 
> for travelling made in Asia with an inferior operating system that doesn't 
> even have a start menu, made in the USA. 
> And if you ask it to come with XP or WIN7 they will laugh in your face. This 
> is capitalism in a nutshell; instead of providing you with the promised 
> "choice" they force you to buy their newest products whether you want it or 
> not.


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