Hi John, thanks for the clip. I agree but I'd say it a little differently: that 
it takes very developed people to find solutions to problems without causing a 
whole different set of problems. Think Western medicine and its awful side 
effects. Marijuana I understand can ease people's pain. But now we find out 
that the environment is harmed by the farms. I say let's keep looking for 
solutions to both problems.

As to lemons, I grate a little on my lunch every day (-:

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It takes humans with high developed consciousness to create heaven here on 
earth.  As shown in the article, pot harms are not good for the environment and 

Also, I just found this video clip about vastu architecture and city planning.  
It's good know that the TMO is actively distributing the knowledge around the 


Lastly, you should try sprinkling lemon juice on the tuna and perhaps your 
salad.  You might be able to taste the bliss that comes from the lemon tree. :)

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> John, just when I was all for the legalization of marijuana! Why does there 
> have to be two sides to every story?! But thank you for posting. And for your 
> grilled tuna recipe. I have to admit I love plain old tuna fish with 
> Hellman's real mayonnaise and diced celery. Yummy, and does wonders for the 
> mercury levels in my body!
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> They're harming California's wildlife.  That's the cost that nobody's 
> counting in the growing pot trade.
> http://news.yahoo.com/toke-unexpected-connection-between-californias-pot-explosion-wildlife-192411605.html


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