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>>> IMO, the only thing idiotic is his insistence on using Yahoo
>>> as his image server. Only three pics show up on the website,
>> Er, Alex, I'm reading on the Web site and I saw all five
>> pics in his post: library, church, lake, another church,
>> and train station.
> On Mac and Windows, with various different browsers, only 3 images show up 
> for me, regardless of whether the browser is logged into Yahoo or not. In 
> Chrome, on my Macbook, no images showed up on the website when I clicked on 
> his post, so I refreshed, and then three pics showed up. In my Gmail feed, 
> which I read in Thunderbird, no images show up; they don't show up on the 
> Gmail website, either. I have no idea why all images show up for some people 
> and not others, but Yahoo is simply not a reliable image host for allowing 
> everyone to see the pics.

All 5 show up here on Firefox and Chrome browsers plus the browser on my 
Android phone.  Looking at the email source there is not even a link 
just a title in brackets.  The email HTML section does have the image 
links but for some reason they don't load on Thunderbird though the 
usual Yahoo images do.

The only way I've ever had a pictures show up was to use the web site 
despite trying different things editing a post in HTML on Thunderbird.

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